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22 June 2021
Job ID: PH-2697
Java工程師 Java Software Developer

🔥Job responsibilities

1. In-depth exploration and analysis of the business needs of digital currency exchanges, writing technical solutions and system designs;

2. Participate in the review of technical solutions and system design; grasp the design of complex systems to ensure the quality of system architecture;

3. Code writing for the core part of the system; solving difficult problems;

4. Cross teams and departments to promote key core projects, follow up the progress of the project, promote the implementation of the project, and pay attention to the project data and results;

5. Carry out macro-thinking of existing or future systems, and plan to form a unified framework, platform or component;

6. Instruct and train engineers to help team members grow together;

7. Introduce innovative technologies and innovative solutions to the team, and solve problems with innovative ideas; continuously optimize the system through the architecture and enhance the product experience.


2、参与技术方案和系统设计评审;把握复杂系统的设计,确保系统的架构质量; 3、系统核心部分代码编写;疑难问题的解决;





Job Details:
  • Employment Type:
    Full Time
  • Career Level:
    Middle Level
  • Required Qualification:
  • Required Experience:
    2 years
  • Company Industry:
    Engineering - Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical
  • Location:
    Phuket, Thailand
  • Salary:
    ฿126,000 - ฿147,000/mo (High commission with base salary)

  • Five-day work week
  • Work from home

YINGFU Finance

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