09 August 2022
Job ID: PH-2715
System Engineer/Manager

We are looking for System Engineer/Manager base on Phuket, who want to approve our process and system. A person, who understand in Server and Network system. We understand our customer and we also approve solution for future. We focus on Best-of-Breed and we use software branch and in-house developments for our diverse tasks, which we optimize and network steadily. We were awarded the Innovation Award in this.


What you bring/ Qualifications

- Knowledge of UNIX systems (especially Ubuntu and RedHat/CentOS or BSD based systems)

                 Setup and operation

- Knowledge of Linux command

- Knowledge of Firewalls (preferrably pfSense)

- Networking and WLANs

- Structured approach to analysing, diagnosing and fixing issues in IT infrastructures

- Knowledge of storage systems (RAID controllers, preferrably LSI, their setup and function,  

  as well as diagnostics)

- Hardware knowledge (which part is which, diagnostic and identification of possibly faulty   

   parts that need to be replaced)

-Find the distributor to buy any hardware

- Troubleshoot computers and networks.

-Other IT support (Computer/Printer/Software in computer; Adobe program,

  Microsoft program etc.)

- Manage and control System and Team, cooperate with Team in Germany

Job Details:
  • Employment Type:
    Full Time, Permanent
  • Career Level:
    Middle Level
  • Required Qualification:
  • Required Experience:
    2 years
  • Company Industry:
    Media / Publishing / Printing
  • Location:
    Koh Kaew, Phuket, Thailand
  • Salary:
    Salary negotiable

  • Overtime pay



We support our customers in professional sales promotion communication as conceptual consultants, project managers, designers, photographers, 3D artists, post-producers, packaging experts, illustrators, IT specialists, sign makers, print specialists and technicians because only brands that sell well are strong brands.

In general terms, this is difficult to answer. But we’ll try:
Firstly, we look for people who are true masters of their craft.
Secondly, we look for people who think outside of their job.
Thirdly, we are looking for people who are right for us.

Let’s start from scratch. In addition to your salary, we’ll support you with social security and good OT payment.

We’ve done much in recent years to create the conditions for a work environment that’s typical of VIGNOLD.

Ideal for work: bright offices and high-quality equipment.
Ideal for relaxing: rounds of recreation room for staff.
Ideal for refueling: water, tea and coffee for free.
Ideal for a break: sun rooftop with bar and team lounge.
Ideal for you? Then drop by sometime. We look forward to your visit.