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22 January 2020
Job ID: BK-180108
CEO Office Staff

                    Carabao Group is looking for a smart and highly motivated individual who will play a critical role in the growth and success of our next chapter as a World-Class Brand. As a CEO Office Staff, you will work directly with our Chief Executive Officer to lead impactful projects that will tackle existing business challenges or pursue new business opportunities. The opportunity is also a chance to work alongside highly qualified peers and become part of CBG leadership team. Successful candidate must have the ability to listen well, think critically, work independently from scratch, and drive teams with passion and leadership. Competitive salary package is available based on skills and experience.



  • Support the CEO and organization’s leadership team, helping Develop short- and long-term strategies for Carabao Group and/or related companies.
  • Design and implement business operations for Carabao Group and/or related companies.
  • Oversee business operations of the company and the work of executives as designated.
  • Join CEO Office team to develop plans for new businesses.
  • Coordinate with other departments, from sales to manufacturing to operations, to ensure successful implementation of improving business profitability.



  • 35-45 years old
  • Master’s degree (minimum) or equivalent from a leading university in Thailand or abroad of any major
  • At least 7 years of working experience; a minimum of 3-5 years in senior management positions.
  • Successful experience managing company’s Profitability and Sustainability, a market focused approach to the business, and an overall big picture understanding of the business and its interrelationships.
  • Business is welcome. Experience in sales, marketing, manufacturing, retail, excellence in supply chain, finance related to supply chain, supply chain in manufactory, is a plus.
  • Communicate well in English. Proficiency in other languages, especially Chinese, is a plus.
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Job Details:

  • Five-day work week
  • Performance bonus
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance

Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd.
“บริษัท คาราบาวกรุ๊ป จำกัด (มหาชน) เป็นกลุ่มบริษัทผู้ผลิตเครื่องดื่มบำรุงกำลัง “คาราบาวแดง” และเครื่องดื่มเกลือแร่ “Start Plus”  บริษัทฯมีโรงงานผลิตเครื่องดื่มและขวดแก้ว และมีหน่วยงานจัดจำหน่ายของตนเอง และเป็นบริษัทจดทะเบียนในตลาดหลักทรัพย์ฯ (CBG) บริษัทฯมีอัตราการเจริญเติบโตทางธุรกิจทั้งรายได้และกำไรสุทธิที่ดีมาตลอด  จึงมีความต้องการหาบุคลากรที่มีความรู้ความสามารถและประสบการณ์มาร่วมงานกับเรา
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