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07 July 2020
Job ID: BK-228634
Infrastructure and Application Security Specialist

Key Responsibilities

  • Evaluate emerging technology and implement state-of-art security tools to ensure the protection against cyber attack
  • Implement next-generation firewall and IPS and manage policy configuration.
  • Configure and monitor Web Application Firewall policies and alerts.
  • Deploy Mobile Device Management, VPN, Proxy, Data Leakage Prevention tool.
  • Implement endpoint threat management services, including anti-virus, HIPS and harddisk encryption.
  • Manage anti-virus and patch update program for all servers and workstations.
  • Deploy Encryption Key Management to protect DB secret management, PKI and encrypting keys securely.
  • Perform vulnerability assessment scan, provide consultation and follow-up vulnerability remediation from vulnerability assessment scan.
  • Perform XRAY scan, static and dynamic application security testing for vulnerabilities and embed security tools in Jenkins pipeline.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or IT related field.
  • 3-7 years’ experience in network security, application security, vulnerability management, encryption key management, and/or solution design/configuration of security tools.
  • CISSP, CISM, GIAC, and/or CEH certifications preferred
  • Knowledge and experience in network security, application security, vulnerability management, encryption key management and/or solution design/configuration of security tools.
  • Good command of written and spoken English.
  • Good interpersonal skills – able to communicate effectively with various levels (from end-users to executives).
  • Logical & systematic approach to problem solving
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Job Details:

True Digital & Media Platform Company Limited
Digital revolution is happening simultaneously all around the world, especially here in Thailand. Consumers are becoming increasingly digital in their lifestyles; they use their phones to pay, grab a taxi, order food, shop online, and the list goes on. Merchants are becoming digital, they are accepting digital payments and digital loyalty cards. Companies are becoming digital, they are leveraging technology and data analytics to improve their business. Because of this digital shift in consumers, merchants and enterprises, it is no surprise that the country itself is actively participating in the digital transformation as well. True Digital Group wants to be the enabler of that digital transformation. We want to enable the digital lifestyle of Thai consumers and be relevant in whatever digital needs they may have in their lives. Correspondingly, we are owned by the CP Group, one of the world’s largest conglomerates that holds tremendous power in influencing the economy in Thailand. CP Group always puts Thailand first; whatever the country needs, CP will provide. Because we are a digital business of CP, it became our mission to transform Thailand, first and foremost. Our scope is without limits. Whatever is going to be relevant in the digital transformation of Thailand – we will do. Whether it’s consumers, merchants, or enterprises. Whether that’s mobile, clouds, IoT, cyber security, analytics or virtual reality – we will explore. Hence, we are looking for people that are equally excited about our mission. We are going through the most crucial and challenging stages in building a company of our dreams. If you want to be part of the start of something big and be the pioneer of the digital world, we are the place to be. Embark your journey here with us and together, we will become the major enabler of this digital transformation in Thailand. 

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