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24 May 2020
Job ID: BK-216287

Overall Responsibilities

The Senior Developer has two key responsibilities:

  • Program Design and Developments
  • Assisting developers on Production application programming bugs and change requests support.

Primary Responsibilities

Programming Development & production programming support

  • Follow IT Department programming development standards.
  • Constantly deploy or using efficient logic and or technology and development tools for programming development. Programming logic should follow good programming practices, to ensure data integrity, performance, tracking, accuracies, data backup and high work quality.
  • Involve in full-stack (Front and Back end) development, System & database design
  • Assist and work with Junior developers on application production support issues and or change requests when assigned.

High quality, accurate and meeting URS developments

  • Develop program following the established development framework and tools.
  • Complete programming development activities on time and as scheduled
  • Display good programming practices and quality to
    • provide documentation in the program on what has been changed and why,
    • minimize rework on programming developments.  
    • program logic to improve Users Business Functional Requirements
    • track and traceability for easy and efficient debugging
    • exception handing (error message or return code for example) to handle errors

Good understanding of the User’s business requirements and processes

  • Involve actively with the Business / System Analyst and or Development Manager to understand the business functions required by the end-users from the URS to develop programming logic to support and improve their business functions and processes

Involve in system, database design, unit, system and UAT testing

  • Encouraged to involve with the Senior System Analyst & Database Administrator, and the Development Manager on the system and database design to ensure the programming logic are in line with the system and database design
  • Involve in all phases of the Unit, System Integration and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Conduct his/her own unit test with before and after test results for review.
  • Involve in the User Acceptance Test (UAT)

Assistance to Developers and others

  • Constantly providing programming development assistance to Developers and or others who required programming technical support.

Continuous self-learning and knowledge improvements

  • Research constantly on new technology, techniques, tools to improve programming development skills.
  • Request and recommend internal or external (vendor) programming technology, framework, tools training classes, programming techniques, etc. to improve programming skills

ISO27001 Obligations

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Job Details:

Siam Bheasach Co., Ltd.
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