07 July 2019
Job ID: BK-106851
Credit & Collections Manager

Purpose of Role:

To manage & improve overall operations & quality of the region or process, and ensure customer satisfaction


Scope of role:

Handling a large process for a region / handling a small process globally and responsible for process delivery

People management responsibility for one’s Team Leads, typically between 4-8 (and indirect people responsibility for 10-60 people depending on process size)


Key Responsibility Areas:

  • Planning for delivery
  • Securing delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Escalations resolution
  • Customer relationship
  • Process improvement
  • Resourcing
  • Securing performance
  • Developing & motivating the team
  • Communication
  • Organisation initiatives

    Key Tasks:


  • Planning for delivery
  • ·     Undertakes resource allocation & work planning

    ·     Identifies, recommends & implements relevant metrics that ensure SLA delivery and analyses metrics data & reviews metrics regularly

    ·     Identifies critical areas, implements key controls in these areas & ensures that controls are met

    ·     Gives inputs & requirements to Senior Management for contingency plans & disaster recovery plans

  • Securing delivery
  • ·     Ensures adherence to SLAs through reviews with Team Leads & interacting with other processes and DPO / GPO as required

    ·     Resolves process-related queries from Team Leads

    ·     Makes required decisions relating to process in cases of contingencies

    ·     Plans, executes & communicates changes in process like policy or functionality changes, new sub-process migration, testing and other projects

    ·     Proactively communicates process exceptions & deviations to Senior Management, and bottlenecks to all process stakeholders

    ·     Ensures that additional workload on account of acquisitions is executed

  • Quality assurance
  • ·        Drives quality consciousness on the floor, reviews audit data & takes corrective actions, uses quality tools within the process

    ·        Replicates & standardises best practices across teams & regions within the process

    ·        Prepares necessary regular & ad-hoc reports and reviews reports prepared by team

    ·        Ensures adherence to Sox & other guidelines, and supports internal & external audits 

  • Escalations resolution
  • ·        Resolves escalations relating to process & customer servicing raised by customers & other process stakeholders

  • Customer relationship
  • ·        Interacts with customers through regular reviews to resolve customer queries & escalations, give process status, get queries resolved & share information

    ·        Follows up with customers, IT Apps, & other stakeholders to get required information & resolve issues

    ·         Handles critical communications with customers

    ·         Builds & maintains long-term relationships with customers & stakeholders

    ·         Pushes back & is assertive with customers with regard to process responsibility & delivery issues when required

    ·         Gets voice of customer through feedback & implements appropriate suggestions 

  • Process improvement
  • ·        Encourages team members towards process improvement, analyses & decides on YOUreka ideas received and monitors progress of implementation of YOUreka ideas

    ·        Identifies Six Sigma projects to be implemented

    ·        Drives & monitors process improvement projects towards increasing efficiency, productivity and reducing timelines

    ·         Identifies & reduces non-value activities

    ·         Ensures that process documentation is continuously updated


  • Resourcing
  • ·         Identifies hiring requirements and assists in the recruitment process


  • Securing performance
  • ·        Ensures that new joinees are inducted & trained, and monitors learning curve through Team Leads

    ·        Allocates work to Team Leads equitably as required based on skill sets

    ·         Sets individual KRAs for Team Leads, conducts regular reviews & gives them feedback

    ·         Manages conflicts within the team

    ·         Handles administrative issues for Team Leads like timely submission of iTimes, night shift allowance and leave planning

    ·         Ensures necessary infrastructure is in place for team members

    ·         Exercises approval & spending authority on administrative issues

    ·         Plans & creates backup within the team to minimise key people risks 


  • Developing & motivating the team
  • ·        Identifies training needs for Team Leads, nominates team members for training & ensures team is trained

    ·        Creates learning opportunities to team members through intra-process country / job rotation

    ·        Ensures cross-training and interaction of team with other processes

    ·        Ensures team spirit & high motivation levels within the team by building a healthy team climate

    ·        Recognises, rewards & showcases good performers

    ·        Identifies potential, gives additional responsibilities based on competencies and mentors & grooms them for the next level


  • Communication
  • ·        Has regular & need-based team meetings & one-on-one communications with Team Leads, as well as skip level meetings, and cascades information between Senior Management & team

    ·        Communicates organisational, process & team goals to Team Leads & team and ensures understanding

    ·         Cascades information & communications on process & quality improvements and new developments between team members & Managers 

  • Organisation initiatives
  • ·         Actively participates in organisational task forces and drives & implements organisational initiatives


    Role Specifications:


    Entry qualification – Graduate (Preferred: Post graduate or professional qualification)

    Experience – Graduate with 8 years / Post graduate or professional with 6 years / GFIC Team Lead with 2 years experience in the TL role at GFIC


    Performance Measures:


    • People management (Measure: Feedback from skip level meetings, team attrition)
    • Customer satisfaction (Measure: Customer feedback scores, Number of escalations to senior management)
    • Operational efficiency (Measure: Process delivery as per SLA & timelines, people capacity utilisation)

    Process improvement (Measure: Number of process reengineering/ improvement suggestions implemented vis-à-vis improvement opportunities identified) 


    Job Details:

    • Five-day work week
    • Education allowance
    • Medical insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Life insurance

    Oracle Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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