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19 July 2019
Job ID: SP-7866
Demand & Supply Specialist

Responsibilities: (Alternate Saturdays Working)

  • Plan and forecast all requirements to be in accordance with sales plan in 12 months calendar for every brand. Compare demand and supply planning with the past information and budget set for domestic and international markets
  • Co-ordinate with other brands in order to set and revise the plan under each business unit to be in accordance with season and promotion
  • Initiate, suggest and prepare a contingency plan with the support from statistical information and other tools. Follow upon results from problem solving process and report to the superior
  • Follow up and measure the results from the work done as well as support other related parties to reach their target as per the Company’s KPIs
  • Co-ordinate, plan and propose logistics plan in be in line with promotion, sales in terms of both demand and supply including controlling all forces to be in line with the proposed planned
  • Represent Logistics Division to propose development plan, feedbacks, forecast error minimization in both demand and supply, suggestion in regard to an incident to the superior, Management and related parties
  • Balance the complex requirements of each brand, approve plans proposed by Demand and Supply Specialist
  • Prepare suggestion for development and strategies in goods keeping for common items, seasonal items, new items and non-selling items
  • Manage and co-ordinate with related brand to maintain database of finished goods, raw material, consumable goods, accessories and supplier to be updated, correct
  • Plan, source and manage resources with Warehouse Section Manager, Delivery Section Manager in terms of vehicle, space management, tools and technology to be proper and in line with changes of work quantity and cost factors
  • Analyze and find the solutions to increase productivity, save cost and maximize effectiveness in ordering, replenishing in order to generate a long team strategy in reducing cash used to buy finished goods, raw material, consumable goods and accessories
  • Review all reports proposed by the subordinates, verify and sign on important documents as authorized
  • Manage the space and ensure its neatness, cleanliness and condition to be safe and in line with the law
  • Encourage the staff to follow safety policy as well as Company’s policy
  • Report the superior of potential problems and propose the prevention and solution plan. Solve problems, follow up, improve and find out solution of prevention of recurrence.
  • Develop subordinates to be knowledgeable of work system and possess the ability to finish the assigned work as the goal set. Train subordinates to perform the task correctly with good quality as well as in line with work processes and procedures set
  • Delegate tasks, control, follow up and manage staff under supervision. Evaluate, provide advice & solution for subordinates’ performance improvement
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the superiors


  • Male/Female, 27-35 years old
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Logistics, Accounting, Marketing, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or other related field
  • Minimum experience of 3-5 years in warehouse & delivery management 
  • Posses the expertise in Logistics Analysis, Logistics Planning and Logistics Development as well as in terms of Finance
  • Understand and have experience in using models in forecasting
  • Have the ability to think in terms of strategies and management ability – Analysis, Planning, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Communication, Co-ordination and Follow up
  • Mature and have leadership. Able to work with others and manage the subordinates
  • Understand Warehouse Management System and Delivery Management System
  • Good command of English – Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading
  • Able to use Microsoft effectively – MS Excel, MS Access and MS Outlook

Working Location:

Distribution Center:  Bangpla (800 metres from Bangna-Trad Rd.), Bangplee, Bangna-Trad Rd., Samutprakarn (KM.19-Inbound, opposite Hua Chiew University)

Job Details:

  • Performance bonus
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance

Jaspal Co., Ltd.
Jaspal Company Limited is a leading fashion retail company engaging in designing, manufacturing and marketing of several leading clothing and accessories brands. Our success and growth comes both from our own brands including JASPAL, CPS:CHAPS, CC-OO, LYN, LYN AROUND, Royal Ivy Regatta(RIR), Jelly Bunny, QUINN and Misty Mynx as well as imported brands which include FOOTWORK, Footwork Noir, FRED PERRY, Jelly Dreams, Rider, Melissa, Bensherman, etc. While keeping up a strong brand image, the company has entered the regional market by franchising the brands outlets throughout the Asia market, as well as other major cities in the world. With around 2,200 professional employees working in teams dedicated to each product line and a network of more than 350 retail shops/corners in major department stores, the Company invites highly motivated, energetic and dedicated persons to join us as: บริษัทยัสปาล จำกัด เป็นผู้ผลิต-นำเข้า-จำหน่าย เครื่องแต่งกายชั้นนำ ภายใต้ตราผลิตภัณฑ์ JASPAL, CPS:CHAPS, CPS 4/12, LYN, LYN AROUND, CC-OO, ROYAL IVY REGATTA (RIR), MISTY MYNX, Jelly Bunny, QUINN  และเป็นผู้นำเข้าเครื่องแต่งกาย-รองเท้า-เครื่องหนังแฟชั่นคุณภาพเยี่ยมจากต่างประเทศ ซึ่งจำหน่ายในร้าน FOOTWORK, FOOTWORK NOIR, FRED PERRY, JELLY DREAMS  รวม ทั้งนำเข้าเครื่องแต่งกาย-รองเท้า-เครื่องหนัง อีกหลากหลายแบรนด์ดัง  เช่น Rider, Gola , United Nude, Bikkembergs, 7 for ALL MANKIND , Melissa, Bensherman  ซึ่งจำหน่ายอยู่ในคอร์เนอร์ของห้างสรรพสินค้าชั้นนำ ปัจจุบันมีพนักงานเกือบ 2,200 คน มีร้านสาขาและคอร์เนอร์มากกว่า 350 แห่ง ทั้งในประเทศและต่างประเทศ บริษัทมีการพัฒนาธุรกิจอย่างต่อเนื่อง และมีอัตราการเจริญเติบโตที่ดี กำลังต้องการรับสมัคร
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