03 July 2019
Job ID: BK-104216


The CSM OUR CUSTOMER is primarily in charge to support all Airbus Helicopters activities related to the partnership with our customer among which:

  • As a leader to develop the new Collaboration Model between our customer and AIRBUS HELICOPTERS in order to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the business. Its main role is defining and implementing our customer /AIRBUS HELICOPTERS partnership roadmap.
  • Define and implement S&S KPI and a performance monitoring
  • Deploy and improve the transformation plan (ATLAS project) in order to develop our customer/AIRBUS HELICOPTERS partnership
  •  In addition, the CSM our customer shall ensure the deployment of Front Office role of our customer targeting highest level of customer satisfaction/fleet availability of Thailand Governmental End Users.

Job description:

  • New Collaboration Model & Improvement Plan
  • Define and deploy the most efficient interface with our partner for all involved business function such as
    • Material and Logistics
    • Maintenance Repair Overhaul Components
    • Aircraft MRO
    • Training (Technical and pilot)
    • Technical Support / CAMO
    • Technical Assistance
    • Connected Services
    • HCare services
    • Skill gap analysis with recommended competencies and development plan
    •  Evaluate and propose evolution of our current partnership scope as “ Completion and Maintenance Center “ development
    • Contribute to the feasibility study to develop our partner a maintenance organization for internal and/or external needs
    • Participate together with Head of Sales Support & Services SEAP and Head of Operation Thailand to the signature and implementation of a General Agreement defining to reduce overdue risks and improving commercial and operational performance
  • Country Strategy :
    • Participate in assessment of new schemes of cooperation with our partner relating to governmental projects taking into account proper compliance rule.
    • Be the focal point locally for our partner management.
  • Supply Chain activity
    • Follow up on a monthly basis the performance of procurement
  • Act as a local advisor to our partner
  • Provide information impacting Airbus Helicopters supply chain
  • Front office deployment for our partner  
  • Understand the End Customers business and operational environment, as well as it needs from a fleet operation perspective
  • Establish mapping of End Customers with associated SSM/CSM and TechRep from our partner
  • Develop and Implement with Operations Region /AIRBUS HELICOPTERS T and OUR CUSTOMER relevant Customer Satisfaction Plan (Front Office, CAMO, TechRep, S&S) including Safety Awareness Plan.
  • Deploy with our partner proper and relevant S&S KPIs and ensure that our partner will manage related action plan, focused around; Customer satisfaction, Fleet availability and Costs of operations
  • Develop in coordination with SEAP Sales Support & Services (SSM) organization a roadmap to develop our partner capacity and skills as S&S distributor of Airbus Helicopters
  • Contribute successful complex S&S sales campaign
  • Support Front office SM and SSM to manage and collect overdue and suggest improvement to reduce overdue risks

 Key competencies and skills

  • Master Degree of any major from reputable university
  • Have minimum 10 years of experience in customer relation field, preferably experience in aviation industry or maintenance service/support with governmental interactions.
  • Have minimum 10 years of experience of project management in complex organization and environment
  • Senior experience in understanding complex public owned companies with high level of bureaucracy
  • Capability to be recognized as expert and advisor to OUR CUSTOMER ExCom and Leaders of Thai Armed Forces
  • Having adequate insight into technical terms, helicopter’s main components, understand about related technical issues and its impact to fleet operations (s/he doesn’t need to be an expert).
  • Have a strong communication and interpersonal skills. Perform strong negotiation, diplomatic, convincing, and manage to be calm in responding to unpleasant situations and bureaucratic environment.
  • Being problem solving minded, and eagerness to initiate actions to ensure project execution is complete.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction, but also considering win-win solutions for customers and company.
  • Perform a broad consideration about the consequences of the proposed actions, including financial aspects and risks for customers and company.
  • A leader, as s/he should drive and influence various related parties, internally and externally.
  • Written & oral English fluency

Job Details:

  • Five-day work week
  • Performance bonus
  • Flexible working hours
  • Gratuity
  • Transportation allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance

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