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13 November 2019
Job ID: BK-152852
Engineer / IT Analyst (Cyber Security Center Analyst)


  • Perform 24 x 7 (12-hour rotating shift including days, nights, weekends and holidays) monitoring and initial response to potentially-malicious or anomalous activity based on event data (log files and alerts) from a wide range of IT systems components, including IPS, Firewall, Proxy, WAF, DDoS, IPS, SIEM and other sources.
  • Perform initial triage on incoming cyber incidents and issue trouble tickets to Incident handling team.
  • Provide assistance in resolving all cyber incident cases.
  • Produce daily, weekly and monthly reports.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science / IT / Cyber Security or related fileds.
  • 1-3 years' experience in security monitoring and incident management system.
  • Experience in operting and fine tuning security tools such as SIEM, IPS, WAF etc.
  • Strong understanding in IT system logs and audit trails.
  • Good understanding of cyber kill chain, various type of cyber attacks and their characteristics.
  • Team-oriented attitude and the ability to work well with others, both within the team and across teams.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, initiative, eagerness to learn.
  • Good command of English.

ติดต่อ : คุณกนกวรรณ โทร.02-029-4253 

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Job Details:

บริษัท แอดวานซ์ อินโฟร์ เซอร์วิส จำกัด (มหาชน)
Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) or “AIS” is the “Digital Life Service Provider” which consists of three core businesses namely mobile, fixed broadband, and digital service. In this 26th year of mobile service, AIS has maintained its leading position with 48% revenue market share and is serving 40.6 million subscribers nationwide. AIS has 4G/3G/2G networks, covering 98% of populations at the end of 2016. In 2015, AIS started a new fixed broadband business through a pure fiber optic network under the brand ‘AIS Fibre’. As of 1Q17, AIS Fibre had 373,900 subscribers with service coverage of 5.2mn homepass in 28 provinces. Striving to become a significant player in the next 3 years, we continue to expand our business and build stronger operational foundation. The last part of AIS' core business is digital service, focusing on 5 key areas; video, game, mobile banking, cloud and M2M. For video service, AIS developed AIS PLAY, a video-content mobile application and AIS PLAYBOX, which is a set top box for home entertainment via AIS Fibre. AIS’ subsidiaries operate various telecommunications related businesses including domestic mobile service, international direct dialing services, and international roaming services etc. The Thailand’s telecommunication industry has been regulated under the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (“NBTC”). AIS granted the license to operate business from the NBTC as follows; 2100MHz spectrum license: Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIS, received a 15-year 2100MHz spectrum license (2x15MHz bandwidth), at the bidding cost of Bt14.6bn in December 2012. On the license scheme, service revenues are subjected to annual license fee of 5.25% and network ownership belongs to AWN. This spectrum has been invested for 3G coverage and capacity. The 2100MHz network is now used for 3G and 4G services. 1800MHz spectrum license: AWN won a spectrum license of 1800MHz (2x15MHz bandwidth) from the auction held by the NBTC in November 2015 at the bidding cost of Bt41bn. The license is valid for 18 years until 2033 and also subjected to annual license fee of 5.25%. The 1800MHz spectrum is currently deployed for 4G LTE and LTE-A services. 900MHz spectrum license: AWN acquired a spectrum license of 900MHz (2x10MHz bandwidth) from the re-auction in May 2016 at the bidding cost of Bt76bn. The license is valid for 15 years until 2031 and also subjected to annual license fee of 5.25%. The 900MHz is currently used to deploy 2G, 3G and 4G. All these 3 spectrums are deployed for 2CA (1800/2100) and 3CA (900/1800/2100) technology in density areas.

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