16 November 2021
Job ID: BK-257964
Legal Specialist


  • Responsible for the drafting and review of various business contracts (including but not limited to author signing agreements, publishing agreements, book closure agreements, marketing cooperation agreements, service and procurement agreements, etc.), providing review opinions, and providing consultation for the company's legal affairs;
  • Responsible for handling various qualification certificates such as licenses and licenses required for company operations;
  • Handle daily intellectual property affairs related to trademarks, patents, domain names, software copyrights, and works copyrights, and establish and improve the company's intellectual property system;
  • Provide company seal management and support;
  • Other company legal affairs handling.


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in law, 3-5 years of work experience, working experience in the Internet industry is preferred;
  • Have lawyer's license, familiar with contract law, tort law, intellectual property law, e-commerce law, labor law and other laws and regulations, legal qualification is preferred;
  • Have the spirit of teamwork, proactiveness, tenacity and optimism, strong communication and expression skills; strong communication skills and professional skills, and a certain ability to deal with problems independently.
  • Strong writing ability; strong learning ability, able to understand business needs in a short time; self-driven, with excellent professionalism
  • A certain level of English proficiency is required. English agreements can be reviewed and English communication is required. Chinese proficiency is preferred.

Job Details:
  • Employment Type:
    Full Time
  • Career Level:
    Middle Level
  • Required Qualification:
  • Required Experience:
    3 years
  • Company Industry:
    Media / Publishing / Printing
  • Location:
    Suanluang, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Salary:
    Salary negotiable

  • Five-day work week
  • Medical insurance