07 June 2019
Job ID: CM-1774
Safety and Construction Manager (Based in Mae Khampong)


As the safety manager you will oversee, coordinate and facilitate the running of the operations at MKP when the Operations manager is not present. Your role will require you to ensure every activity of the operation is well implemented, safe and educational, however when the operations manager is present, you will perform roles of the Safety Manager. Observation in the forest is a key aspect of this role. First hand safety audits on sky ranger performance and structure safety are to be done almost daily. You will help over look all aspects of the tour, ensuring all protocols are followed.


Job Description and Accountabilities

  • Safety Manager is required to always observe operations in terms of safe operation and correct guide practice according to company requirements
  • Corrects any unsafe SR operation and reporting it to the Operations Manager
  • Performs regular official safety audits and reports as scheduled
  • Trains any and all new employees or retraining any staff that require reeducation. This relates to all areas of operation including safety, education, office procedures, client greeting, general behavior etc.
  • Advises the Operations Manager on any matters that relate to safe operational procedure as required.
  • Inspect the course every month by joining a tour group to audit SRs (refer to Sky Ranger Evaluation format).
  • SR Evaluations are to be submitted to the Operations Manager regularly and filed with each guide’s personnel file maintained by Human Resources.
  • Effectively communicate evaluation results to the SR and ensure they understand any deviation from FOTG Safety and Operational Policy and what the correct actions should be
  • Refer PIP rating/warning for details of non-compliance ratings to the Operations Manager
  • While on the course as a Sky Ranger, the Safety Manager is still required to observe and report any unsafe behavior
  • Must always report in writing, any breaches of company policy to the Operations Manager.
  • Safety Manager is not required nor authorized to deliver any disciplinary action as it may have unfavorable effects to their position with all other staff.
  • Must train new guides, introducing them to all areas of operation and operating procedures and monitor their performance.
  • Examine and document SR levels of proficiency when required.
  • Safety Manager’s performance and supplementary compensation is subject to external auditing by qualified third-party auditors
  • Evaluation of individual SRs is conducted every 3 months at the least
  • Safety Manager are required to be out on the course more often than other SR’s as training and Sky Ranger Evaluations are conducted during non-peak periods.
  • For additional information and more specific instructions and work process particulars, all operations staff should refer to the current Operations Manual.


Your Profile

  • Strong communication skills and a passion for working with people is required.
  • Guide must be responsible and highly organized
  • Open communication and a willingness to give and receive feedback on performance are critical to the process in all positions of the organization.
  • Must be prepared to work irregular hours and make themselves available throughout the week, as tours are offered seven days a week with departures scheduled throughout the day.
  • During peak (high) season, employees can expect to work long hours.
  • Our business requires that employees are alert and functioning at their best. As a result, FOTG participates in random drug testing and reserves the right to terminate any employee without notice for positive findings or a breach of safety procedure.
  • Able to lift and carry 20 kilograms of weight and hike five kilometers per day.
  • Able to handle demanding work schedule with long work weeks in a multi-task environment.
  • Strong self-care skills; capable of working outdoors in adverse environmental conditions.
  • Strong oral communication skills.
  • Maintains professional appearance at all times and shall represent the company in a positive way.


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Job Details:

  • Performance bonus
  • Free shuttle bus
  • Housing allowance
  • Travel allowance

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