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07 June 2019
Job ID: CM-1778
Cluster HR Manager (P05 ) Experience in Hotel business (Working in Chiangmai )


  •    To be responsible for planning,managing,controlling,coordinating and participating in        Human Resources activities.
  •    To be responsible for the formulation, recommendation and implementation of hotel policies and     procedures.
  •    To be responsible for planning, coordinating and conducting training need analysis and training  programs together with the Training Manager in order to enhance the quality service and to improve the staff performance and efficiency in handling hotel guests.



          To manage the Human Resources department ensuring staff comply with hotel policies and procedures and local and government regulations.

         To develop and implement recruitment and screening systems and procedures in order to attract them most qualified candidates for position vacancies in the hotel.

         To coordinate with requisitioning departments, the recruitment of employees following established standards, policies and procedures ;to assist the min the orientation ,training, development and evaluation of their personnel.

         To be fully in charge of Training:

  •       Tosupervisedirectlythetrainingdepartmentandensurethatalltrainingactivitiesarein accordancetotheneedsofthehotelandalltrainingprogramshavebeensmoothlyexecuted.
  •      To analyze training needs in the hotel.
  •       To review training policies, procedures and practices and recommend any improvement to the management.
  •       Toassistdepartmentheadsanddepartmenttrainerstoconductjobskillandgenerictraining for their staff.


  •    Tomaintainandupdatepoliciesandproceduresandotherhumanresourcesmatters.
  •    TomonitortheadministrationofthePerformanceAppraisalProgramandactinanadvisory capacity to department heads in such process. 
  •    To prepare and submit periodic reports to General Manager as well as for management's use in accordance with hotel and government requirements such as salary scales, manning guide, etc…
  •    To prepare the related budget of the Human Resources department.
  •    To check and amend any training activities, programs, policies and curriculum of the training department.
  •    To prepare the hotel annual training plan based on the guide line from General Manager.
  •    To prepare all the quality training manuals and generic training
  •    To keep an individual employee, supervisory and management training record
  •    To develop special training program as requested by each division.


  •    To determine in advance the number of personnel to be employed during each fiscal year.
  •    Torecruitthequalifiedpersonnelforeachdepartmentbasedonthepersonnelrequisitionform approved by the divisional head and General Manager.
  •    To  analyze  the  hotel  manpower  requirements  in  order  to  recommend  on  selection  and development activities to meet those requirements.
  •    To monitor present and future trends in the local labor situation, social legislation and make any recommendations to the hotel management.
  •    To  review  personnel  policies,  procedures  and  practices  and  recommend  any  changes,

               modification or updating to the management.

  •    To  monitor  and  review  the  hotel’s  benefits  and  compensation  levels  and  recommend  any

               appropriate changes.

  •    Topreparesuccessionplanforthepotentialsformiddleandseniormanagementlevelwiththe department/division heads and General Manager.
  •    Tomonitortheprogressofsuccessionplanandrecommendanyinternalpromotionforthose completing the succession plan with satisfactory performance.
  •    To conduct orientation, Introduction, vision and values and generic training: Hygiene and Sanitary, Grooming for the new and existing staff.
  •    To oversee practical training for new employees, student and management trainees.
  •    To monitor re-trainingprogramstoincreaseskillandupdatetheinformationforexistingstaff.
  •    ToprepareandissuecorrespondencesrelatingtotheHumanResourcesdepartment.
  •    To conduct weekly and monthly meeting with the Human Resources staff for assignment follow up and information dissemination purposes.
  •    To counsel hotel personnel as and when needed in areas such as career planning, training and development and employee relations.
  •    To investigateandreviewalldisciplinaryactionstoensuretheactionsarecomplyingwiththe labor law, hotel rules and regulations. To consult with department heads an appropriate action and

recommend the final results in consultation with the General Manager.

  •    Toensurestaffcomplywiththehotelpoliciesandproceduresaswellasgovernmentregulations per training to employment practice.
  •    To  ensure  that  the  internal  training  programs  are  conducted  as  planned  to  improve  staff knowledge and necessary skills up to the hotel standards.
  •    Tomonitorcorporatetrainingrolloutprogramshavebeenconductedconsistentlybythehotel certified trainers.

Applicant Qualifications 

  •    Male/Female
  •    Age between 35-50 Years old.
  •    Bachelor’s degree or higher in Human Resource Management ,Political Science or related fields.
  •    Minimum of 5 years’ experience in HR Manager of hotel business
  •    Leader ship skills
  •    Fluent Communicate in English
  •    Service-minded, creative thinking and self-confidence
  •    Pleasant personality ,good human relation and co-ordination
  •    Ability to perform well under pressure

   §       Able to work in Chiangmai ,Thailand

Job Details:

  • Five-day work week

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