09 June 2019
Job ID: SK-1508
Senior Key Account Executive

The Senior Key Account Executive is assisting Key Account Manager to prepare business activities that will lead to solutions geared towards creating value for the customer. She/He also manages the necessary reports related to account management.



  • Anticipate value creating projects aligned with the company and customers strategic business direction. Initiate value for the key account through business activities and cost savings.
  • Translate customer vision and strategies to meaningful projects and value added activities. She/He shall be involved is the process of overseeing several related projects.
  • Assist in preparing the business case / proposals on behalf of the company for clients.
  • Arrange the resources across projects, links between the projects, overall costs and the risks of the project.
  • Support planning and execution of requested or emergency process mandated/requested by client.
  • Participate in the investigation on matters affecting the client. Ensures all incidents related reports are proceeded and consolidated (summarized) prior to submission to the key account manager. In case of any deviation affecting client, ensure appropriate action plans are set and implemented with results recorded.
  • Prepare presentation materials and references to Key account manager for the business meetings.
  • Maintain relationship with the client. Ensure client receives timely feedback on any concerns.
  • Participate actively in the formulation of company strategic plans, annual budget and periodic business reviews.
  • Attend the regular departmental meetings to review processes, performance and issues.
  • As appointed, communicate and support cross functional team to achieve set goals consistently. Follow up the cross functional team project management plans including status. To analyze responses and recommend appropriated alternative scenarios to determine the best solution for customers and support cross functional team.
  • Execute projects to reach the desired outcome. Ensure there are regular reviews and clear accountability in place.
  • For account management, ensure all vital information is cascaded properly and in timely manner.
  • Ensure all process agreements between the company and client are considered and implemented properly.
  • Ensure all reports submitted are reviewed / validated by Key account manager prior to submission.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by superior from time to time.


  • Bachelor degree or higher degree in Logistic Management, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering or any business-related field
  • At least 5 year working experience relevant in handling customer area
  • Knowledge in customer relations management
  • Strong experience in business analysing and strategy.
  • Direct, decisive, driving, friendly, communicative, persuasive, patient.
  • Skills in leading, planning & organizing, negotiation and influencing.
  • Good in oral and written English skills

Job Details:

  • Five-day work week
  • Performance bonus
  • Free shuttle bus
  • Transportation allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance

HAVI Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.
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