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20 May 2020
Job ID: BK-215263
Transportation Manager/ผู้จัดการฝ่ายวางแผนปฏิบัติการขนส่ง

 Job description Transportation Manager:

*** "Chinese or English Speaking" ***

1. Responsible for the evaluation and planning of the new distribution center site;

2. Design and evaluation the standard site equipment of the distribution center; evaluate and analyst the pipeline data of the distribution center;

3. Standardize and establish station planning training materials; establish and improve station planning model;

4. Responsible for the review of the routing optimization plan of each region; check and analyst the data of the opening trunk line

5. Responsible for volume prediction, design holiday scheduling plan

6. Responsible for the planning and optimization of the route of automobile transportation, and the maintenance, supervision and tracking of the line;

7. Responsible for the development, selection and evaluation of vehicle reserve resources, ensuring the needs of operating vehicles and analyzing transportation costs;

8. Responsible for the management and training of the main line shuttle and the vehicles in the area to ensure that the vehicles meet the company's operating needs;

9. Responsible for coordinating the daily work of the department and completing the indicators and other work assignments set by the headquarters or branch.



 1. Bachelor degree or above;

 2. Chinese, English and Thai are preferred, at least fluent in English.

 3. Familiar with logistics express planning work, engaged in site planning and routing planning for more than 5 years;

 4. Familiar with the basic knowledge of warehouse building structure and knowledge of express delivery planning;

 5. Strong execution and strong pressure resistance;

 6. Strong overall planning ability and sensitive to data;

 7. Strong team building, coordination and communication skills




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Job Details:

  • Five-day work week
  • Performance bonus
  • Travel allowance
  • Life insurance

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