PRTR Recruitment & Outsourcing

Job ID: RY-5630 | Location: Rayong, Thailand
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PRTR Recruitment & Outsourcing

Job ID: RY-5630 | Location: Rayong, Thailand

Talent Management and Organisation Development Manager

  • Delivering training or arranging for a third party trainer to do it.
  • Helping with the ongoing, long-term improvement of employees' skills, enabling them to fulfill their potential within the organization.
  • Being strategic rather than reactive, assessing the skills and knowledge within the organization and determining what training is needed to grow and retain these skills.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs and employee performance to ensure that they are appropriate and effective.
  • Being accountable for improving the effectiveness of the organization by assisting in the implementation and delivery of training initiatives set forth by Management to support the manufacturing organization.
  • Defining training & HRD policies/management procedures to meet business and people development requirements.
  • Analyzing the strategic needs of the company's development, required skills of its employees and teams organizational changes; relevant KPI's (e.g. unforced fluctuation, employee dialogue completion rate) to develop suitable actions to be taken.
  • Defining and controlling the annual training budget, and, establishing and upgrading training systems from training plans to evaluate and ensure all training activities are processed and under control.
  • Analyzing and identify the training and development needs of the organization, developing an overall training plan to meet the current and planned human resource requirements of the organization through systematic ways, including yearly & monthly training reviews, training programs launching, etc.
  • Delivering evaluation training systems to ensure the training ROI is well achieved.
  • Planning the implementation and facilitation of activities and events, budget spending, material production and distribution, and other resources to ensure that operations are managed within authorized budgets.
  • Identifying specific training and development needs within the organization for new hires & existing personnel through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers and the HR department. This involve continuous review & analysis of strategy, and training delivery methods, etc.
  • Developing, implementing, steering and facilitating target group-oriented development initiatives and competency management in line with Corporate standards, based on the needs of the organization and the individual.
  • Managing the coordination of all schedules and training requirements for all personnel during the New Hire Onboarding orientation, to ensure a comprehensive & professional training
  • Maintaining contact with other organizations, training vendors and professional associations in order to keep abreast of new training delivery methods and instructional technologies (e.g., internet, CAI, webinars, etc.), and, applying any desirable changes.
  • Participating in project teams, and meeting with managers and subject matter experts regularly to update and revise program materials.
  • Ensuring that training records are maintained, to track specific training needs, and to track planned & completed training per individual, and, maintaining these records to track training activity.
  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Human Resources, Organizational Development or a related field.
  • Over 10 years of related working experience and have successfully completed projects with a focus on training & development areas in the automotive industry or another industrial manufacturing environment.
  • Profound professional HR knowledge and understanding of local target groups (blue/white collar) as well as an understanding of key processes and tools (Project and Change Management Tool, etc.).
  • Experience of working in a large international corporation and in a complex matrix organization.
  • Able to communicate effectively and work under time pressure.
  • Fluent in English.
Reference code: TOM1170208

Job Details:

PRTR Recruitment & Outsourcing
Since PRTR’s establishment in Thailand in 1990, we have been a part of a roller coaster ride called Thailand's economy. We have witnessed the highs of the property boom, the collapse of the currency, the pain Thailand suffered facing up to the stringent demands of the IMF, the demise of the American mortgage market, Thailand’s ongoing political power struggle and the recent devastating floods. We are now playing our part in Thailand's future, which will see a steady annual growth, improved health and welfare services, a decrease in poverty, an increasing domestic demand from a growing middle class and a business environment that dictates transparency and increased honesty.   We currently have 5 offices in Bangkok and 2 offices in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand employing a total of 232 staff with a further 41 staff supporting our client partners at their locations in Thailand. Our plan is for PRTR to become Thailand’s most successful recruitment, staff outsourcing and business process outsourcing services group of companies.  

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