Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd.

Job ID: SGK-652 | Location: Songkhla, Thailand
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Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd.

Job ID: SGK-652 | Location: Songkhla, Thailand

Plant Manager/ผู้จัดการโรงงาน



Reports To

Operation Director

Immediate Subordinates




  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Rubber technology or any related fields. 

Working Experience 

  • 5-10 years experience in Manufacturing Glove. 

Skills & Knowledge

  • Strong interpersonal, problem solving and able to work under pressure with good team work.
  • Cross functional leadership experience and management of direct or indirect reports
  • Has both a hands-on and operations management background in high production volume manufacturing and general plant operations.           
  • Able to apply analytical tools in problem resolution and process optimization.


  • To be responsible for manage particularly the operation side and fully utilize for the research and development of the quality improvement, design and control of the glove machines and process flow ,packing out put in achieving maximum quality and target cost efficiency and productivity for all the production lines.


  • Ensure the quality and quantity of gloves produced meet customers requirements at all time. Initiate and implement process improvement and automation to enhance gloves production.
  • Constant monitoring of cost of direct and indirect materials for Compound,former,packing and production. Initiate and implement cost saving programs for all areas and included supporting.
  • Re-organize or restructure the Compound,Packing, Former,Production, R&D and Housekeeping departments to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and control of these departments. Final goal is to achieve better employee performance, cost reduction and higher quality.
  • Responsible for research and development work on quality improvement glove and other.
  • Analyze the compound,production,former ,packing  periodically and perform trouble shooting whenever required and to report to management accordingly.
  • To enforce good discipline on staff and workers and to provide training as and when necessary.
  • Study and recommend to arrangement on the improvement of process flow and automation of machines to reduce cost and improve efficiency of production lines.
  • Recommend, implement and monitor optimum level of all production parameters , compound,packing to maximize quality and productivity of glove production at all times.
  • Ensure that quality level for incoming, in-process and outgoing meets company’s goal and objectives and also of the ISO, ASTM and EN certification standard and other standard as requirement.
  • Practice good housekeeping concept and ensure the production and all jobs done within it are properly performed in compliant to the industrial safety and health requirements.
  • Provide technical assistance and training to supervisor on the machine parameters, process flow and other relevant knowledge on glove production.
  • Manage and coordinate with supervisors production ,compound ,former, housekeeping and packing to have sufficient workforce to ensure the smooth running of production.
  • Control and manage the supervisors to ensure all the machines are running at the optimum parameters and the gloves produced meet the quality and quantity requirements.
  • Analyze daily out put and quality feedback and reports from QA and QC departments to propose and implement corrective action in order to improve glove quality.
  • Plan, implement and manage down line schedule and preventive maintenance programs, Packing out put vs shipment and to coordinate with maintenance personnel to maximize resources utilization.
  • To observe, promote and upkeep the Mercator Medical  of companies’ Business Philosophies and Company Policies, in order to set the standard of performance and management style. 

Performance Measurements: 

  • Quality improvement
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Profitability
  • Good control of CGMP

Mercator Medical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

88/8 M.12 T.Kampeangphet A.Rattaphum Songkhla 90180 

Tel  :  074-584222  Fax  :  074-584223

Job Details:

Five-day work week
Performance bonus
Flexible working hours
Free shuttle bus
Travel allowance
Dental insurance

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