Job ID: NR-1443 | Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
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Job ID: NR-1443 | Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

project manager

1. Responsible for project coordination with ZTE, subcontractors and other units; familiar with the operator's network, understand the relevant security processes and specifications, and be familiar with the network optimization work

2. Formulate a detailed work plan according to the project contract and carry out high-level management of the project's resources, schedule, cost, quality, and risk;

3. Regularly organize regular project meetings, allocate, arrange and complete related work on time according to meeting requirements;

4. Rich on-site management experience on telecommunication network optimization projects, training includes report output of network testers and background personnel.

job requirements:

1. Mainly responsible for the construction and optimization of our company's 4G and 5G networks;

2. Responsible for single station optimization, cluster optimization, area optimization, etc., handling user complaints, road detection and analysis, fault cell processing, output of network optimization reports, and network signal protection for major activities and holidays;

3. Responsible for special optimization, optimization plan output and implementation;

4. Can independently perform grid optimization, analyze problems and output optimization reports;

5. Complete data collection and analysis, ppt report output

6. Responsible to discuss, communicate and communicate with customers on optimization issues and new technologies, and put forward constructive opinions

7. Have good project management software application ability and document writing ability

8. Proficiency in common tool software such as PPT, googleearth, MapInfo, Excel, Word, etc .;

9.Strong communication and coordination ability, can bear hardships and endure hardships;

10. Have certain English reading and writing skills.

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