Job ID: NR-1436 | Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
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Job ID: NR-1436 | Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Project manager /ผู้จัดการโครงการ

1. Responsible for overall project coordination with ZTE, subcontractors, supervision, design units and other units;

2. Formulate a detailed work plan according to the engineering contract and carry out high-level management of the project's resources, schedule, cost, quality, and risk

3. Regularly organize regular project meetings, allocate, arrange and complete related work on time according to meeting requirements;

4. Has rich on-site management experience in  telecommunication projects, and can independently handle various problems on the site.

job requirements:

1. Familiar with the installation project of telecommunication equipment, able to complete the daily management and construction arrangement of the construction team;

2. With more than 2 years of telecommunication project management experience, able to independently manage the communication project;

3. Strong engineering and project site problem-handling ability, more than three years of project implementation experience; proficient in communication engineering equipment installation process requirements, and proficient in communication networking.

4. Good coordination and management skills; good communication skills, good language organization ability and oral expression ability;

5. Has a good learning ability; can bear hardships and bear hardships, have the courage to take responsibility, have strong ability to resist stress, and recognize the company's values;

6. Have teamwork spirit, be good at working with various types of employees in harmony, and integrate into the team

7. Have the habit of thinking proactively and proactively, can find problems ing time and solve them independently;

8. Participate in the training of telecommunication operators / equipment manufacturers in network planning, business software, installation and commissioning, etc., and pass the corresponding technical certification is preferred;

9. Have good project management software application ability and document writing ability

10. Effectively manage and supervise the construction unit's project quality, safety management, and project progress, etc .; work with subcontractors to promptly complete the coordination of communications base station construction and the coordination of emergency situations;


11. Responsible for the collection and collation of the complete set of data of the communication base station; complete the completion and delivery of the base station in time, regularly submit detailed work reports to the company; report the work situation, and complete other tasks assigned by the company and the supervisor in a timely and efficient manner.

12. Have certain English reading and writing skills.

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Job Details:

  • Employment Type:

    Full Time
  • Job Functions:

  • Location:

    Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
  • Salary:

    Salary negotiable

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