Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited

Job ID: BK-125305 | Location: Bangkok, Thailand
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Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited

Job ID: BK-125305 | Location: Donmuang, Bangkok, Thailand

Powerplant Engineer

ปิดรับสมัครวันที่ 31 สิงหาคม 2562

ผู้สมัครที่ผ่านการพิจารณาประวัติจะได้รับการติดต่อกลับภายในวันที่ 5 กันยายน 2562

เพื่อเข้ายื่นเอกสารและสอบระหว่างวันที่ 11-13 กันยายน 2562

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a. Review all technical documents of Propulsion System, Thrust Reverser, Nacelle and Accessory and make recommendations for their modifications in order to meet the Airworthiness and International Safety Standard.

b. Prepare the Engineering Documents which are required for the maintenance of the aircraft’s engine, Propeller, Nacelle and APU, communicate with Vendors and Manufacturer’s Technical Representatives on all technical issues.

c. Prepare the Maintenance Instructions, Engineering Orders (EO) and Maintenance Orders (MO) required for maintenance of the Engine, APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) and Propeller in order to ensure each modification or maintenance action are performed properly under human factors principle.

d. Monitor the repetitive defects or discrepancies, incident & accident, Engine/ APU/ Propeller/ Nacelle Accessories Reliability and find out the root cause and corrective action with the Aircraft/Engine Manufacturer in order to meet the relevant standard requirements and summarize the incident/ accident report including the labor & material cost breakdown for insurance claim.

e. Review and summarize required initial provision of when additional or new aircraft entered into service, the MEL dispatch condition, Operational parameters including the special operations such as RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) , ETOPS (Extended range Twin-Engine Operation), Fleet Reliability data, pricing, lead-times, number of the aircraft and frequency of flights are taking into account when defining provisioning.

f. Coordinate with Line Maintenance, Heavy Maintenance, Engine Shop Technician and/ or Quality Assurance to ensure that all propulsion systems defects or discrepancies are solved in efficiently and timely manner, coordinate and support Purchasing and Repair team for review Quote and Shop Report of the Engine/ APU/ Aircraft accessories repair at outside repair station or new part purchase or any warranty claims and coordinate with Planning for proper schedule task or schedule inspection and modification of aircraft accessories. Keep abreast of industry problem by attending manufacturers and operators conference & seminars and soliciting other airline expertise.

g. Transfer the Engine data download to the Engine Monitoring Service Providers, closely monitor the engine and APU Condition trend graph and give the recommendation and corrective action to the Line Maintenance whenever a Notification Alert is received to make sure the aircraft fly safely.

h. Review the Engine and APU Borescope Inspection Findings Form recorded by the Engine Shop Technicians and Follow-up to ensure those findings are well within the Aircraft Maintenance Manual or Engine Maintenance Manual Limitation or may require the repetitive inspection or need assistant from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Engineering to clarify.

i. Prepare parts, tools and procedures to improve the test and repair of the Engine, APU, Propeller' s Accessories per Component Maintenance Manual to increase the Engine Shop Repair Capability.

j. Review document for incoming and/or outgoing of engine, propeller, APU, tools and process parts assembly and disassembly in AMASIS for receiving and sending out.

k. Perform any tasks assigned by superior.  


1. Thai nationality Male or Female, age not over 35 years old with height at least 160 cm.
2. Bachelor‘s degree in Aeronautical Engineering or equivalent Engineering field or Aircraft Maintenance Training graduated.
3. 1 - 3 Years Aircraft Maintenance experience on ATR72 or A319/A320 Propulsion System or related field.
4. Good Aircraft Maintenance Engineering skill
5. Good English communication skills; reading, writing and speaking with the minimum TOEIC 550 certificate in 2 years validation.
6. Good Computer skill e.g. MS Office, Internet
7. Good willingness to learn and team working skill

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Job Details:

Five-day work week
Overtime pay
Performance bonus
Medical insurance
Dental insurance
Life insurance

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited
Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited The origins of Bangkok Airways can be traced back to 1968 and a company known as Sahakol Air, which was initially set an air taxi service operating a Tradewind, a twin-engine, ten-seat aircraft during the Vietnam War. The assignments came from Overseas International Construction Company (OICC), an American construction company known as United States Operations Mission (USOM) and a number of other organizations engaged in oil and natural gas exploration in the Gulf of Thailand.

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