VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

รหัสงาน: BK-227182 | สถานที่ทำงาน: กรุงเทพ, ประเทศไทย

VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

รหัสงาน: BK-227182 | สถานที่ทำงาน: วังทองหลาง, กรุงเทพ, ประเทศไทย

Pre-sales Engineer (Enterprise & Education)/วิศวกรคอมพิวเตอร์

Duties & Responsibilities  
  • Be a product specialist.
  • Be a consultant and recommend technical in right solution for both Resellers and End-users.
  • Back end support for sale team an Resellers.
  • Complied spec in term of project based.
  • Test and demo solution (POC).
  • Design architect solution as requirement from End-user.
  • Enthusiasm to learn and seek for new technologies.
  • Coordinate with Product Manger to train about product knowledge.
  • Be good speaker for training.
  Qualification   • Bachelor's Degree or higher in IT field . • Age 24-35 years / Thai nationality . • At least 2 year of working experience in Pre-sales Engineer . • Good knowledge of IT Enterprise & Education product. • Knowledge about Innovation technologies is a plus . • Ability to communicate technical information to non-technical people in a way that is easy to understand . • Good communication skills in English. • Have analytical and problem-solving skills . • Ability to learn new technologies and business requirements . • Good interpersonal skills. • Able to work under pressure.  


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    2 ปี
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    วังทองหลาง, กรุงเทพ, ประเทศไทย
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VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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