รหัสงาน: BK-95955 | สถานที่ทำงาน: กรุงเทพ, ประเทศไทย


รหัสงาน: BK-95955 | สถานที่ทำงาน: ปทุมวัน, กรุงเทพ, ประเทศไทย

Sales Coornidator / Operations Executive (Urgent !)/เซลส์โค

Key Responsibilities:

  • Effective inventory management to ensure that the sales performance and stock optimization are achieved among all retail outlets.
    • Monitor inventory level with respect to overall assortment, total sales and ageing for all brand
    • Review retail prices and where adjustments are made, ensure prices are updated on M3 and new prices tags are printed out
  • Ensure effective merchandising as well as supporting and providing continuous stimulus to the business growth and operational efficiency.
    • Use M3 and Excel to perform inventory and sales analysis for replenishment purposes
    • Discuss with Sales Managers on replenishment
    • Understand and know the brand’s collection and references including top selling and slow moving items
  • Provide leadership and standards for service and consistency and review efficient processes.
    • Ensure uphold professionalism at all time and consider company’s benefit as priority when discussing with staff and brand partners
    • Understand job descriptions and roles of all subordinates
    • Understand the relevant work flow and help to improve where possible
    • Review all daily sales documents and ensure complete sets of documents are submitted from all branches
  • Regular review of store performance with teams. Recommend and review changes where necessary, and use positive reinforcement of policies to encourage continued improvement.
    • On a weekly basis, using M3 reports and other means review sales and inventory situation with the sales managers
    • Review and recommend commission and incentive scheme to boost sales
    • On monthly basis, review sales person’s performance based on sales contributions
  • Develop teambuilding among sales managers and motivate them to meet their performance targets. Continue efforts to further develop the management and communication skills of the sales teams.
    • Build rapport and trust with sales managers and understand the training needs necessary
    • Understand and participate in all training requirements from different brand partners
    • Ensure that all sales staff have adequate training for all brands
    • Ensure the brand’s mystery shopping guidelines and qualitative/quantitative requirements are adhered to
    • Recommend any technical, language and etiquettes training where necessary
  • Co-ordinate and work closely with finance and administration to implement sales and purchase processes and control systems and ensure audit compliance.
    • Understand all company’s work flow and all internal control processes
    • Work with Finance Team to ensure the internal control standards are adhered to
    • Liaise with insurance company on insurance limits etc.
  • Ensure the smooth running of retail operations including overseeing assigned aspects of retail administration e.g. roster, purchase orders for retail equipments etc.
    • Review and recommend rosters for sales staff and managers
    • Review Pos for inventory and all retail equipments
  • Work closely with the Sales Mangers to ensure the best housekeeping practices are adhere to at all retail outlets. Ensure that all the Rules and Regulations pertaining to retail floor are adhered to at all times
    • Ensure that sales staff are dressed properly and their uniforms are in best conditions
    • Ensure the rules and regulations with respect to behaviors on sales floor are adhered to e.g. eating and drinking etc
    • Ensure all CCTV, SECOM instruments, safes and other security equipments are functioning at all branches. Contact suppliers to fix where necessary
  • Assist the Marketing Team in the preparation for the company’s events, exhibitions and road shows.
    • Support marketing team during events through contacting relevant contractors/suppliers and provide operational support where and when required
  • Conduct regular research on competitors and monitor market trends so as to boost the sales of retail outlets. Communicate and feedback to the Retail Operations Manager on ideas and observations from both outlet staff and customers.
    • Understand the dynamics and competitors in the market
    • Perform regular checks on competitors’ performance including sell-out and inventory level as well as new concepts for layout and renovation


  • 5 Working days / Week
  • Fix Bonus
  • Variable Bonus
  • Insurance Life & Health
  • Wedding Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Social Security Fund
  • Public Holiday
  • Annual Leave
  • Funeral Support
  • Staff New Year Party
  • Annual Salary Increment

This position is open to Thai nationals only

Interested applicants please send resume and example writing content to us by click "Apply Now"

THG Prima Times Co., Ltd.     

     989 Siam Piwat Tower Building, 19th Floor,     
    Unit A, Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan,         
    Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330



About PMT THE HOUR GLASS Established in 2008, PMT THE HOUR GLASS is a 50:50 joint Venture Company founded by Prima Times Co., Ltd. and The Hour Glass Ltd.  This new retail group is Thailand’s leading retailer of specialist timepieces. The mission of PMT THE HOUR GLASS is to combine the world’s finest timepieces with friendly and highly accessible horological expertise that makes the purchase of a watch a rewarding experience for aficionados and first time buyers alike.

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