Harley-Davidson (Thailand) Company Limited

รหัสงาน: RY-10382 | สถานที่ทำงาน: ระยอง, ประเทศไทย

Harley-Davidson (Thailand) Company Limited

รหัสงาน: RY-10382 | สถานที่ทำงาน: ระยอง, ประเทศไทย

Analyst Materials Operations

Job Summary

Oversees and administers all inventory management activities and the associated performance, at both the 3PL and the Operations plant. Responsible for a wide variety of inventory control functions including the cycle count program, establishing and adhering to processes and procedures, reconciliation and adjustments of inventory, monitoring and managing discrepant locations, inventory related PFEP elements, and all SOX compliance requirements. Utilizes SAP to conduct a daily cycle count program, complete physical inventories, and manage a warehouse management system.

Works closely with the 3PL, Finance, Operations, and Supply Chain. Provides direction to the inventory control employees (possibly both hourly and salary). This position is responsible for maintaining accurate records of inventory. Responsible for all reporting mechanisms associated with inventory accuracy in relationship to achieving company strategic objectives and continuous improvement.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Setup and maintains the flow of information for material management.
  • Identify and facilitate the expedition of urgent material requests.
  • Provide the Planned Order to 3PL and manage weekly reporting for pending orders/shipments
  • Monthly reconciliation the accuracy of add/delete in the plan order.
  • Manage model year launch, assist in the obsolete and non-current material process at model year build out.
  • Coordination with Supply Chain, Manufacturing, 3PL, Resident Engineer for ECN implementation
  • Monitor the flow of data for material replenishment and escalate issues to the appropriate level in a timely manner.
  • Continually monitors for process changes or new practices that will result in improved inventory accuracy or reductions in cost in transportation without sacrificing customer service.
  • Continuously improves the effectiveness of the inventory control systems, tracking and reporting Systems.
  • Provides timely feedback to stakeholders on inventory management, manufacturing, purchasing and assembly line issues.
  • Develop and Control milk run efficiencies through parts plan maintenance and monitors the returnable container system.
  • Solve Materials Operations problem by analyzing possible solution using technical experience, judgement with a modulate level of guidance and direction.
  • Ensures World Class Customer Service through efficient inventory control systems, timeliness and responsiveness to stakeholder issues and support of the work force.
  • Provides feedback to purchasing on pack quantities to maximize transportation costs.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Require a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Logistics or Operations Management, Industrial Engineering or equivalent.
  • A minimum 3 years of related experience.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Material Operations and key business driver such as Project Management
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively within a group and/or team and provide guidance to new team member
  • Experience in Material Management, Supply Chain Principle, Inventory Control and Logistics
  • Experience in Continuous Improvement System, Toyota Production System, Kaizen and Just In Time (JIT)
  • Inventory control background that includes cycle count, physical inventory management, inventory tracking and reporting.
  • Working knowledge of Windows applications, SAP, and Warehouse Management Systems is preferred.


  • ประเภทการจ้าง:

    งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ
  • ระดับของตำแหน่ง:

  • ระดับการศึกษา (ขั้นต่ำ) :

  • อายุงาน (ขั้นต่ำ) :

    3 ปี
  • ประเภทงาน:

  • ประเภทธุรกิจ:

  • สถานที่ทำงาน:

    ระยอง, ประเทศไทย
  • เงินเดือน:


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Harley-Davidson (Thailand) Company Limited
HARLEY-DAVIDSON FULFILLS DREAMS OF PERSONAL FREEDOM. Harley-Davidson fulfills dreams of personal freedom for people around the world. This has been our bold and unique purpose since 1903. We give people the means to express themselves; the means to liberate themselves from whatever constrains them. To do this, we must be the best at helping customers achieve personal freedom. Their journey begins when they feel a deep emotional connection to our exceptional and distinct products. Our retail experience takes them a step further, connecting them to the brand in their own highly personal and customized way. We can build the motorcycle the customer wants, when they want it, through flexible manufacturing. Fulfilling dreams of personal freedom requires us to work as one company, one team, moving in one direction. We are customer led in all we do, and we believe and invest in our people and our communities. When we live our purpose, customers experience a lasting bond of freedom with one another and our dealers and H-D will continue to grow.   Harley-Davidson has a corporate office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and maintains facilities throughout the world.  To support the business growth, H-D opened a new facility in Thailand at Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Rayong.  We are now offering career opportunities for talents to fulfill the dream of personal freedom. For more information, visit our company site:  www.harley-davidson.com  

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