Cigna Insurance Public Company Limited

รหัสงาน: BK-216075 | สถานที่ทำงาน: กรุงเทพ, ประเทศไทย

Cigna Insurance Public Company Limited

รหัสงาน: BK-216075 | สถานที่ทำงาน: ปทุมวัน, กรุงเทพ, ประเทศไทย

Risk Management Manager

Job Purpose/Objective: Responsible for implementing overall ERM/ORSA process for the organization, including reporting to local Risk Management Committee, Board of Directors, Global / International Markets Risk Management, Audit Committee, and Office of Insurance Commission or OIC (regulator).

Critical Tasks and Expected Contributions/Results:  

  • Construct an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and related Risk Management policies that are consistent with Global ERM framework in risk identification, risk evaluation, risk monitoring / reporting, as well as management decision and execution on mitigation plans, and relevant Risk Management policies. The ERM framework and Risk Management policies must also comply with all OIC regulations regarding Risk Management
  • Participate in the development of the company’s risk strategy, including delivering advices and opinions to senior management in relation to key risks facing the company and recommend on the mitigation action plans
  • Assist in establishing and quantifying the company's risk appetite, risk tolerance, and risk limit
  • Deliver the Risk Management reports to both internal and external stakeholders within the due dates
  • Implement Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) process and deliver ORSA report to OIC on time
  • Ensure corporate governance around core activities as defined in the ERM / ORSA regulation
  • Lead the stress testing process to ensure that all stress scenarios impacting company’s solvency are covered and submitted to both Global ERM and OIC within due dates. This includes the recommendation on management action plans to improve the solvency position which is not limited to capital injection
  • Provide support, education and training to staff to create risk awareness within the organization


  • A degree in Risk Management, Finance / Accounting, or related fields; and at least 3 years of relevant professional experience (e.g. Risk Management, Internal Audit)
  • Banking or insurance background will be an advantage
  • Excellent English communication & presentation skill. Able to write a risk management report, policy, as well as presentation to management and OIC in both Thai and English
  • Business / technical acumen, problem-solving and decision-making, analytical skills, detail oriented, influencing and negotiating skills


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Cigna Insurance Public Company Limited
Cigna, a global health service company, had consolidated revenues from continuing operations of U.S. $21.6 billion for year-end 2011. Cigna is dedicated to its mission of helping the people we serve improve their health, well-being and security. Cigna's operating subsidiaries provide an integrated suite of medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and vision care benefits, as well as group and individual life, accident and disability insurance, to about 70 millions people throughout the United States and around the world. Cigna established a presence in Thailand in 2002 through Cigna International Marketing (Thailand) Limited and Cigna Insurance Public Company Limited), an affinity-based telemarketing and alternative distribution business specializing in Accident and Health insurance products in Thailand, Our business has grown rapidly and consistently by earning the continuoussupports from its business partners. At the present, Cigna has equipped with experienced and well-trained 1000 staffs and telesales who diversified and dedicated to work with our business partners for different industries and functions. Our vacancies are:

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